Droll Yankee Clever Clean®- 12 inchThistle Bird Feeder

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Onyx Clever Clean®- 12 inch Nyjer Seed Feeder
  • The twist and remove base - helps you prevent mold toxins that can be deadly to birds
  • Comfort perches, with 180 degree two-position ring - allow the birds' complete discretion in their orientation to the port
  • Port configuration - allows for independent placement on the tube, resulting in unimpeded seed flow and easier, more thorough cleaning when performing interim cleanings with our Bird Feeder Brush (model BFB)
  • Cap detaches easily - for thorough cleaning
  • Available in both Sunflower/Mixed Seed and Nyjer versions
  • In-use image shows our Onyx Clever Clean® 18 inch Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder

Length 12 inches
Diameter 2.75 inches
Capacity 1 lbs of seed
2 ports

Droll Yankee Clever Clean Feeder 10" Seed Tray - fits all Clever Clean Bird Feeders

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